5 Blogs Every Remote Worker Should Follow

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5 Blogs Every Remote Worker Should Follow

If work FOMO is a thing, I have it in a major way. Working remotely can be incredibly rewarding when it comes to managing your own schedule, working from wherever sounds good that day, and popping to the gym for the 3pm yoga class instead of the packed-to-the-brim 6pm session. But sometimes I feel like I’m missing out by not being surrounded by a team. I worry that I’m not using Slack as efficiently as I could be or maybe there’s a new productivity tool that everyone is using and I don’t even know about it because I work on an island (literally and figuratively!) I try to stay in the loop by reading a lot of blogs. They aren’t all specifically for remote workers, but these are my tried and true faves to keep my work FOMO at bay:

1. Buffer Blog – Buffer was the first company I ever heard of where all employees work remotely. I became fascinated with their experimental approach to work and I’m watching closely as they build a company culture based on openness and transparency. Their blog covers a wide range of topics like life hacks, social media, productivity and remote work. My favorite posts are those written by co-founder Leo Widrich. Beyond sharing a detailed spreadsheet about how much each Buffer employee earns, he is very open and reflective about his own personal experiences as a co-founder, reflecting on his mistakes and sharing his wins. I loved this recent post on 5 acts of generosity that changed his life. 

2. The Zapier Blog – I am a HUGE fan of Zapier. I’ve talked to them a lot this year and think their team members are some of the kindest and smartest in the business. If you’re not familiar, Zapier is a clever application that allows the apps you already use to talk to each other. If you want to get an email when a new file is uploaded to a shared Dropbox, there’s a Zap for that. The Zapier Blog is all about productivity and getting more done with less manual monkey work. I use their blog to get new ideas on apps to boost my productivity. I was recently on the hunt for a better Pomodoro app and it was like their blog read my mind. I’m even more convinced that Zapier = magic.

3. 99U – If I’m honest, one of the reasons I love this blog is because their graphics are so darn cute. This blog is everything I want my own blog to be as it’s written for the ultimate doer. When I’m tackling something new, I always look to see if 99U has written an article about it. Spoiler alert: they always have. My Google search history doesn’t lie, “99U Getting Funding” led me to this article on Founding a Startup with No Funding and No Tech Expertise. Researching a personal rebrand for a client landed me on How to Write an “About Me” Page that Gets You Hired. 99U is my secret weapon.

4. Help Scout – I’m admittedly a little biased toward Boston-based Techstars companies. I’ve actually never used their product – in fact, I just had to double check what the company actually does (yikes. Help Desk software, FYI) – but I’m an avid reader of their blog. I’ve quoted this post on writing value propositions to at least two of my clients in just the past couple of months. And you know, I actually think it’s amazing when companies write content that is useful to readers even if they don’t use the product. I’m sure if I ever do need to evaluate Help Desk software, that Help Scout will be on my shortlist.

5. Pick the Brain – My experience with remote work has been a lot more about work/life integration than work/life balance. Many articles I see about solopreneurs talk about how hard it is to switch off when working from home, but that hasn’t really been my experience. I think living in the Caribbean helps, which I understand isn’t exactly a viable solution for everyone! When I do need a jumpstart in motivation or a self-reflection on my health and happiness, I read Pick the Brain. It’s a great source for tips and advice on living a more satisfying life.

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