Creativity and innovation at Marriott Beach Resort’s Apothecary Happy Hour

Creativity and innovation at Marriott Beach Resort’s Apothecary Happy Hour

When’s the last time you had a really great idea? Most of my favorite ideas are first hatched while sharing cocktails among friends. Lately at Cowork Cayman we’ve been joking about transitioning from coworking – where we work alongside each other – to codrinking…drinking alongside each other. Now that we’ve partnered with the Marriott Beach Resort, I see this happening in the very near future.

Every Friday, The Anchor Bar at the Marriott Beach House features their Apothecary Happy Hour from 5-7pm. Talented mixologists use homemade syrups, infused waters and dehydrated fruits to create unique botanical blends. The bartenders are encouraged to innovate and explore their creativity and have been known to experiment with basil-infused ice cubes and smoking liquors.


The Anchor Bar is fast becoming a favourite spot amongst residents and visitors to gather and reconnect. The herbal infusions offered during Apothecary Happy Hour change every Friday, so no two weeks are the same.

One of the major benefits of coworking is increased creativity – up to 71% of participants in Desktop Mag’s annual global coworking survey reported a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space. We’ll be conducting our own (very scientific, of course) research on the benefits of co-drinking and will report back soon.

The Apothecary Happy Hour is on Fridays at Anchor & Den, from 5-7pm
Featuring Weekly Apothecary Infusions and Cocktail & Food Specials

Cowork Cayman is for freelancers, consultants, startup teams, solopreneurs and OMGineedabreakfromtheoffice-ers. We are working from Anchor & Den at the Marriott Beach Resort from 9am-1pm every Friday in September. Pop in for a few or stay the whole time.

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